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How do you fulfill orders?

BXV Art partners with manufacturers that print products as orders come in, ensuring no excess inventory and allowing for direct and fast shipping.

When can I expect my order?

Orders are processed within 1 or 2 days and shipped within 3-7!

Guaranteed Quality

Every product is produced through American manufacturers using the highest quality source materials from multiple countries.

Why is it called BXV "Art"

BXV is an acronym for Bold X Virtuoso and inspired by people who are daring, confident, and exhibit exceptional skill or artistry in their field.

Every design found on the site is an original creation by the founder. Every graphic, every artwork and even the website itself was made by the creator Humberto Basurto-Villa.

It is a small business made with a lot of hard work and through countless hours on very little sleep.

Every purchase goes towards the dream of inspiring people to pursue their own artistic dreams and to live a mindful and creative life.