The Opposite Of Success..

The Opposite Of Success..

Failure is not the opposite of success.

The opposite of success is GIVING UP.

My first setup. Yes, I was sleeping on a twin bed. Yes, I was using a 30$ foldable table to hold up my laptop. No, I’ve never considered myself “unfortunate”.


In my first newsletter I want to share with you a part of my journey. This is a story about not just achieving dreams, but also about the resilience and determination it takes to keep moving forward, no matter the odds.

My Story

Coming from an immigrant family, I’ve always lived a life of superficial poverty. My clothes were hand-me-downs, and trips to thrift stores were a luxury. I didn't celebrate holidays like Christmas or have birthday parties. Yet, I never felt truly poor. This attitude was the foundation of my first "studio"—a humble space where my dreams began to take shape despite the challenges I faced.


Starting with limited resources but a strong determination, I was driven by the dream of making art. My earliest days were spent hunched over drawings in playgrounds, taking photos on my walks, and scribbling thoughts in notebooks. This passion for art was a richness that I carried within me, even when material wealth was scarce.

Key to success 1: Everything you want is already within you. You possess the potential to reach any goal. Project your inner strengths outwardly and into the world.

Being resilient

My journey to success was marked by significant milestones. I gave art classes, sold paintings, and took on commissions. However, this path was also riddled with struggles and setbacks. I lost money, faced failed commissions, and even lost my social media accounts. Despite these challenges, I kept pushing forward, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and innovation.


Key to success 2: No thoughts outside your own matter. Create your own reality and don't let others impose their limitations on you.

Appreciate what you have and work for what you want

Throughout my journey, the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. I always found a way to persevere, whether through my art or my entrepreneurial spirit. This relentless determination was key to my success. It taught me that true wealth lies not in material possessions, but in the richness of spirit and depth of passion.


Broke is only a condition of the mind.


And in my mind I’ve always been rich.


Key to success 3: Losing is the best thing that can happen to you. It teaches resilience and provides lessons for improvement.


Reaching the next frontier

To those pursuing their dreams, remember that the road is not easy, but it's worth traveling. Don't give up, even when faced with difficulties. Your perseverance is the most powerful tool you have. Embrace your challenges, as they are opportunities in disguise.


Key to success 4: Your circumstances are there to help you. They are arenas for you to showcase your best performance. The toughest challenges are reserved for the strongest warriors.


Failing is inevitable



Always remember that the world is shaped and molded entirely by you and your perception of it, nothing else. You will take falls constantly, it’s the one guarantee I can tell you about the journey. You will fail, it is inevitable, so don’t be scared. You must fall before you can take your first steps and you must take your first steps before you can run.


The value of persistence and belief in one's dreams cannot be overstated. My story is a testament to the power of never giving up. I invite you to share your own stories of perseverance or reach out for advice and support. Together, we can remind each other that the opposite of success is not failure—it's giving up.




Key to success 5: Everything will come to you when you are ready. If you haven’t achieved all your dreams yet, it’s because there’s something within you that needs to be addressed. Once you resolve it, you will naturally attain what you deserve.



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